Dare To Dream: 3D Design F82 M4 (BMW Car)

The M4, for many, represents dreams. Dreams of status, dreams of amazing driving experiences and dreams of just looking at the thing and enjoying its muscular lines just one more time before walking away. This particular M4, however, represents a very different kind of dream – a dream to build a complete ‘tuner car’ that not only shows off your company’s expertise in designing a range of great products, but also demonstrates how well those parts work in unison when fitted together…

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Bowden Collection - M1 Shakedown - Rolling shot 2 (1) (922)

Legends Never Die: Bowden Collection M1 Procar (BMW Car)

It starts with a flash of silver in the blazing Queensland sunshine. At this distance you can’t make it out, but you can hear it: a low rumble in the background, slowly rising to a metallic tenor as that flash gets ever closer. Out of the final turn of Queensland Raceway it comes, now accompanied by an ever-building scream, dominated at that distance by the sound of six intake trumpets trying to suck all the air out of the atmosphere. Finally it flashes past in a crescendo of piston, valve and camshaft noise, the intake and exhaust combining with it all to sound like the trumpets of heaven. It’s a giddy feeling and, as you can see from the photos, we’re lucky enough to hear it even closer a few hours later…

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Just Right: SouthernBM M235i (BMW Car)

The M235i is, as has often been stated, the Goldilocks car of the BMW range. In terms of price, power, handling, practicality and even history, it hits the spot. It’s especially the case in Australia, where BMW list it at $55,000 in base form. In a country where a standard Cayman (the car’s natural rival in the UK) sells for double that, it has no real rivals. The new Mustang isn’t here yet, the local Holden and Ford performance heroes are much larger (and four-door), and none of its Japanese or European rivals are rear wheel-drive. It kind of explains why, when it first launched here in Australia last year, there was actually a waiting list…

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Hero Turtle: Turtle Trading 1460cc 1985 Rover Mini racer (Mini Magazine)

Turtle Trading founder Jiro Shimazu originally bought his humble 1985 998cc Mini for some budget fun on track. More than 20 years later, it’s evolved into one of the fastest racing Minis in Japan…

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Studie Z8 - Front three-quarter high shot 1

The Body Beautiful: Studie AG widebody Z8 (Performance BMW)

Modifying a low-volume car is always a scary proposition. After all, if you mess it up it’s not like you can simply go to online and find replacement parts easily. It may take weeks, months or even years to source the right components and restore things to their former glory. Such is the case with the Z8, as only 5703 were produced over its four-year life span. Okay, it may not be an E46 GTR but it’s still a low-volume car by most people’s standards. It’s also arguably among the most beautiful BMWs ever made. With its flowing compound curves and classic roadster proportions, the Henrik Fisker-designed exterior is a future classic. Which makes it all the more nerve-wracking to think about altering those lines…

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Josh Barlowe M745i - Profile shot 2

Fairy Tale: E23 M745i (BMW Car)

An epic journey over four continents! From riches to rags and back again! Sounds like some kind of Hollywood blockbuster, right? Nope, this is the tale of Josh Barlowe’s 745i – a model with a unique story before it even left the factory!

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Takero's Odyssey - Profile shot 3

Spacious Oddity: Takero’s turbocharged, manual converted, widebody Odyssey racecar (PASMAG)

“So you have a 400-horsepower, manual-conversion, track-only Odyssey. What’s your daily driver?” I ask. Owner Fumihito Kawashima points in the direction of a white Evo wagon and a white Stagea RS. “That black thing there.” Huh? The only “black thing” in the vicinity is a shopping bicycle, complete with basket on the front. “You own a track-only Odyssey and your daily is a shopping bike?!” “Yup. My son owns an Evo 7 daily, though,” he laughs…

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Car Shop Glow FD3S - Front wide shot 6

Homemade: Car Shop Glow FD3S Mazda RX-7 time attack car (PASMAG)

“A race car for the road.” How many times have you heard that tagline used in advertising? And how many times has it actually been true? Well, Yukimitsu Hara isn’t the kind of guy who does things by halves, so when he bought a tired, ex- Knight Sports FD3S demo car from a customer at his Car Shop Glow automotive light business in 2009, he had a vision of a true race car for the road. As you can see, he’s executed it pretty well…

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RE Amemiya Hurricane FD3S - Rear three-quarter shot 2 (No pole)

Mamemiya: RE Amemiya Hurricane FD3S time attack racer (PASMAG)

Ever heard the story of the drift car that became a show car that became a time attack car? Well, as unusual a series of steps as that may sound, that’s exactly what happened to the RE Amemiya Hurricane. Back in 2010, RE Amemiya decided they wanted to build a new demo car; one that would show off their race heritage and expertise, by bolting a modified version of their championship-winning GT300 kit onto an FD3S base…

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Takeros Autech Stagea 260RS - Rear shot 12

White Unicorn: Takero’s 600hp widebody Autech Stagea 260RS (PASMAG)

It takes guts to cut into a unicorn, but Kouichi Shimada is not a man lacking in determination. He worked two jobs while still at university to afford his dream car, a Nissan Stagea Autech 260RS, and since purchasing it new in 1998, has overcome numerous blown engines and transmissions, plus a serious road accident, to get it to the point where it is now – a circuit monster with 600 horsepower that he can also drive to and from the track, whilst carrying all his tools and a spare set of rubber…

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Spoon Sports Type 1 - Honda Insight looking towards S2000, Civic and Integra Type R race cars 2 (16x9 1)

Spoon Fed: Spoon Type One workshop tour (PASMAG)

Imagine the cleanest workshop you’ve ever seen. Now imagine it even cleaner. And full of awesome Honda race cars. That’s Spoon Type One… Read More→ (external link)

Top Secret shop visit - Red S15 and Bayside Blue R34 GT-R 8

Speed. It’s One Hell Of A Drug: Top Secret Workshop Tour (PASMAG)

It’s a long way from the deserted country roads of Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata’s rural Hokkaido hometown to industrial Chiba in Tokyo’s west end, but it’s a journey he’s managed with ease. Perhaps because he was going so fast…

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Power House Amuse - Dyno room looking into main workshop 7

A Powerhouse In Name And Tuning: Power House Amuse workshop tour (PASMAG)

It may be hard to believe, but Power House Amuse started out in 1990 as a wheel specialist “no larger than a ramen shop.” Obviously it’s a bit bigger now, both in fame and floor space. With worldwide recognition and a state-of-the-art, 9,000-square foot headquarters/workshop in Chiba prefecture complete with a dyno room and three lifts, Amuse is literally and figuratively a powerhouse of JDM tuning…

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