Playing Favourites


Picking your most-liked anything is often hard. Especially when you’ve had a hand in its creation. But lists are there to be made, and the end of the year is traditionally the time to make them. So, without further ado, I present my favourite photos of 2013.

Formula Drift Asia - Final Four Battle - Fredric Aasbo and Josh Boettcher - Turn 2 entry - front three-quarter pan 24 large

Boettcher versus Aasbo. Two of the best-looking drift cars in the world went head-to-head to decide the final podium spot at Formula Drift Asia. Home court advantage won out, but either way, it was an epic battle. Proved the advantage of HID lights, too. Just look at them!

WRX Club Calder Park September 2013 - Gunmetal Grey R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Turn 2 entry - rear three-quarter pan 7 large

Light it up. Skyline tail lights are among the most iconic in the business, and the R32s among the most iconic of all.

WRX Club Porsche Club Haunted Hills Meet - October 2013 - Red GH WRX - Long course turn 14 exit - rear three-quarter pan 7 large

Red riding hood (scoop). Brembo front brakes aside, this looks like a pretty standard streeter. It isn’t. It really isn’t.

V8 Supercars 2013 - Sandown 500 - Russel Ingall - Craig Lowndes - Turn 12 entry - rear bumper close-up 2

Enforcement. Old Rusty has spent a good part of his career making sure people were (ahem) aware of his presence, but at Sandown this year, it was Lowndsey doing all the enforcing. Moments like this are what make V8 Supercars for me.

Phillip Island Classic 2013 - Pits - Porsche 936 81 - Alex Davison driving - front three-quarter shot 5

The calm before… Will Davison did look a little nervous prior to firing up this iconic 936, but once out on track he handled it with aplomb. Especially impressive given it still had Le Mans gearing!

WTAC 2013 - Tectaloy International Drift Challenge - Gaz Whiter S14 V8 Nissan Silvia - Jake Driftsquid Jones - S13 Sonvia - Turn 1 entry - front three-quarter shot 1

Sunset sliders. This, this is why we need more dusk events.

Iwashita Collection - House - Top floor - Main collection - Honda and Pointer featured - rear three-quarter shot 4

Gotta catch ’em all. Every so often, the planets align in your favour. Countless classic bikes unseen by any other media representative… Naturally photogenic arrangement… Unbelievably soft light, diffused by faded plastic roofing. As a photographer, you couldn’t ask for more.

WTAC 2013 - Pro-Am - Mightymouse Honda CR-X - Turn 9 exit - rear three-quarter pan 6

The mightiest mouse. It wooshes, it screams, it makes Evos tremble. The ultimate counterpoint to anyone who says FWD isn’t fast.

Historic Sandown 2013 - Saturday - Old V8 Supercars - Ford EF Falcon - Jones - Grice - Turn 1 apex - rear three-quarter pan - rear wheel off ground 1 large

Icon². An iconic V8 touring car. An iconic track. And it’s lifting a wheel. What more could a dedicated petrolhead want?

VSCRC 2013 Round 2 - Sandown - MGs and British Cars Race 1 - Red MGB US - Richard Milligan - Pits - Night - rear working shot 1 large

Doing work. If you ever doubt the dedication of the racer, just look at this.

V8 Supercars 2013 - Sandown 500 - Will Davison Steve Owen FG Falcon - Craig Lowndes Warren Luff VF Commodore - Winner circle - rear three-quarter shot 5

Blue velvet. Will Davison (again) was lucky to finish at Sandown after his transaxle left all its oil on the back of the car. The result, though, was a beautiful shimmering effect on the back of his FG that helped produce what was easily my favourite shot of the year.

OK, that’s my pick. What would you have chosen? Let me know in the comments.

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