We’re going to Japan!

Nismo Super GT 500 350Z - Nismo Omori Factory - front-on shot 3 (lo-res logo 1024)

Hey everyone,

Been waiting a long time to announce this, but with less than a week to go and pretty much all my plans in place (only a couple of minor details to pin down), I decided it’s a good time to tell you that P1 Race Photography is going to Japan!

Technically, we’ll be starting in Malaysia, where my good friend, and FD Asia GT Radials team manager, Kazuto Soon, has promised to show me around. Kazuto being the kind of car guy he is, I believe there might (just might) be a little automotive stuff in there as well. 😉

Once we hit Japan proper, it’s go, go, go, shooting the Japan Classic Car Association Summer Meeting at Tsukuba, followed by Sevens Day at Daikoku PA. There’ll also be trips to Nissan’s Engine Museum, as well as Nissan HQ itself. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also heading to two funky little auto museums in the south of Japan; one for cars and the other for bikes.

Minato Mirai B&W 5

Japan – the proverbial mix of old and new

Of course, one down side to all this travel is that I will have only sporadic internet access, so while I will try and post pictures as often as possible (and will, of course, make sure I’m in one place long enough to be able to post features for My Life @Speed), there will be times when I’m not able to update regularly, or can only do so once a day. Even so, I hope to be able to share with you my journey through one of the great car cultures of the world (and the country of my birth, by the way), and hope you enjoy the ride!

Keep on keeping on.



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